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LED Flood Lights not only ensure savings on initial capital but also deliver a long-lasting performance. Versatile enough to be used in a variety of environments, our LED Flood Lights can be utilized well for lighting sports arenas, façades, general area lighting, billboards and other outdoor applications.


Item Description

Energy Saving

  • 150W. Halogen Wattage : 150 W
  • 70W. LED Flood Light Wattage : 70 W
  • Savings : 80W


  • High Lumen Osram/ Philips LEDs
  • Industrial grade driver to ensure the lamp working with reliability & stability
  • Multiple Color options.(3000 K. TO 6000 K.)
  • Designed technology ideally suited to Indian conditions
  • Designed for highest efficiency in terms of more lumen at reduced wattage
  • contributing to greener world
  • High Voltage & Low Voltage Protection
  • IP -65 protection for outdoor application

TECHNICAL Specifications

Model# Watts Input Voltage Power Factor CRI
Strella -FL-10 10 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-20 20 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-30 30 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-40 40 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-50 50 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-70 70 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-90 90 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-100 100 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-120 120 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-150 150 100-285V AC >0.95 >80
Strella -FL-200 200 100-285V AC >0.95 >80