we design and manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their projects. We have been doing this on small and large scale houses, hotels, offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality environments.



LED Downlights are light fixtures that can be easily installed into a hollow space in the ceiling. They are brilliant energy-saving lighting solutions that are designed for a plethora of applications. LED Downlights emit light in a downward direction with an accurate and narrow beam.


Item Description

Energy Saving

  • 1x9W. CFL Downlight Wattage : 9W
  • 5W. Downlight Wattage : 5W
  • Savings : 4W


  • High intensity COB LED’s
  • Scientifically designed Al heat sink with large surface area.
  • Adjustable design to focus light on desired areas.
  • Robust driver with wide voltage range and inbuilt protection.
  • Recessed mount, protected from dust and insects.

TECHNICAL Specifications


Model# Watts Input Voltage Dimension (mm) Cutout (mm) CRI
Strella–RD-Joydeep 3 100-265V AC 80X80 50×50 >80
Strella–RD-Enjoy 5 100-265V AC 115×115 70×70 >80
Strella-RD-Adura 5 100-265V AC 105×105 80×80 >80
Strella-RD-Flora 5 100-265V AC 105×105 80×80 >80
Strella-RD-Minijoy 5 100-265V AC 96X96 70×70 >80
Strella-SQ-Adura 5 100-265V AC 110X110 80×80 >80
Strella-SQ-Flora 5 100-265V AC 105X105 80×80 >80