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These slim integrated LED battens are replacement for the popular fluorescent lamp fitting. This is made of extruded engineering plastics and provides a glare free evenly distributed light

Item Description


Conventional Tubelight   Hybrid LED Tubelight
36W. Tubelight Wattage 36W   LED Wattage 18w
Copper Choke Losses 12W   Driver Losses 2W
Total System Wattage 32W   Total System Wattage 20W
      Savings 28 W

 TECHNICAL Specifications


Model# Watts Input Voltage Dimension (mm)
2 Ft. Integrated 9 100-265V AC 600
2 Ft. Retrofit 9 100-265V AC 600
4 Ft. Integrated 18 100-265V AC 1200
4 Ft. Retrofit 18 100-265V AC 1200