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Round / Square

Providing you the best range of 6w led surface light, 12w led surface light, 6 watt mounted round led surface light, 6w led surface panel light, 18w led surface panel light and 12w led surface panel light with effective & timely delivery.


Item Description


  • Multi Color option.
  • Four side LED PCB board design, more Lumen, better lighting
  • uniformity & heat dissipation.
  • Flexible installation method. Suspended/ Mounted.
  • Innovative design for surface mounted applications



TECHNICAL Specifications

Model# Watts Input Voltage Dimension (mm)
SF-6W-SQ 6 110-280V AC 115X115
SF-12W-SQ 12 110-280V AC 170X170
SF-18W-SQ 18 110-280V AC 220X220
SF-6W-RD 6 110-280V AC 110
SF-12W-RD 12 110-280V AC 170
SF-18W-RD 18 110-280V AC 220